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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Walking Dead 
S3/Ep 2
60 min

Eye gouge +1

Very awesome episode.

2 pts

Toy Hunter
S3/ Ep 1 (?)
60 min

Toy Haunter
Jordan hunts for rare horror memorabilia for metallica's Kirk Hammett.  Found some cool posters, a whole collection of Super Naturals, and a vintage Don Post Skull mask.

1 pt

1984/105 min

Another childhood classic about 3 hilarious scientists that start a business catching ghosts.

2 pts

City of the Living Dead
1980/93 min

Nasty bonus +6

A priest hangs himself in a cemetery, opening up the gates of hell.  Part 2 of the Fulci 'Gates of Hell' trilogy.

6 pts

House By the Cemetery
1981/87 min

Nasty Bonus +6

3rd entry in the 'Gates of Hell' Trilogy, and my least favorite.  There is really no gate in this one, per se, and the dubbing of the little boy was atrocious.

6 pts

1980/107 min

Nasty Bonus +6

2nd entry into Argento's 'Three Mothers' Trilogy, and the only one on the Nasty List.  Very cool flick.  Thought Matre Lachremarum went out like a punk just getting crushed by burning debris.

6 pts

1985/110 min

Savior Monkey +1  (Inga saves the day with a straight razor. Very deserving)
Devouring by flies +1

Very cool flick about a girl who communicates with insects and must escape a lunatic in the area.  Also stars the ever amazing Donald Pleasence.

4 pts

Shock Waves
1977/85 min

Bloodless Zombie movie +1 (this should get a bonus because, there is NO GUT MUNCHING)

A very sweet Nazi-Zombie flick.  I came about this film whilst watching Meatballs 2 when I was little. They were having a movie night and I remember the zombie coming out of the water and looking creepy.

3 pts

The Burning
1981/91 min

Nasty Bonus +6

Great early 80's slasher about a caretaker that got burned alive during a prank and takes his revenge years later.

6 pts

House 1
1986/93 min

Childhood classic starring William Katt about a writer, who inherits a house where he must face his demons.

2 pts

House 2
1987/88 min

Unrelated sequel to House.  A guy digs up his great-great grandfather who was buried with a magical crystal skull.  The house is a temple and once the skull is placed, the forces of evil come out of the woodwork to claim its power for themselves.

2 pts

2013/100 min

Produced by Guillermo del Toro (IMO everything he does is gold, but that is just me)  2 little girls are left in the woods in the care of Mama, a vengeful spirit.  They are rescued by their uncle and taken to his home, but Mama has other plans.  I really enjoyed this film.

2 pts

Evil Dead 2
1987/84 min

Bruce Bonus +1
Eye pop +1
Chainsaw Arm +1 (how many times have you seen that in a movie???)

Sequel to Evil Dead.  First few minutes play out as a truncated version of Evil Dead 1 then go into part 2.  I flip-flop between which I like better, 1 or 2.  It;s hard because, 1 was straight terror with cheesy acting, but 2 was terror with a lot more goofs.

5 pts

Ghost Town
1988/85 min

Underrated Empire Pictures release about a girl kidnapped in the desert by a man on a black horse.  A local sheriff investigates and finds himself in a ghost town that is inhabited by ghosts who are doomed to live in limbo until the town baddy, Develin, can be stopped.

2 pts

Slaughter High
1986/90 min

Acid Bath +1 (inane and awesome at the same time)
Full frontal nudity (albeit a guy) +1

By no means a masterpiece of filmmaking, but awesomely terrible all the same.  School nerd, Marty, is tormented by the popular kids.  They sabotage his chemistry experiment, that results in him being covered in acid.  Years later, the popular kids are invited to a reunion at there school, which has been abandoned(!), where Marty takes his revenge.

4 pts

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