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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Walking Dead S3/E3
60 min

Season is shaping up to be awesome.  Carol burned those people, but was she baiting the zombies with the rats?

5/5 charred corpses

2 pts

Inside Nightmare on Elm Street
4 hrs
Bio Channel

Really good retrospective on the entire series.

5/5 razor gloves

4 pts

X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes
1963/79 min

Probably my favorite Roger Corman film.  A doctor uses eyedrops that give him X-Ray vision, but after awhile, he sees much more than people's skeletons.

5/5 sets of X-Ray eyes

The Witches
1990/91 min

A kid friendly Jim Henson horror flick featuring amazing makeup FX and a pretty dark storyline involving turning children into mice and killing them.

4/5 Witchy Angelica Houstons

2 pts

The Entity
1982/125 min

Full Frontal Hershey +1

First time viewing.  Really awesome flick.  The way they shot the invisible rape scenes was amazing.  If I am not mistaken, Stan Winston did the FX.

4/5 Hershey Bushes

4 pts

Dawn of the Dead Extended Version
1978/156 min

Rated X (per IMDB) +1
Numerous nasty Zombie deaths +1

This doesn't warrant much of a description.  Although I love this film, it is my least fave of the original 3.

4/5 Machete Head Zombies

5 pts

Day of the Dead (Original)
1985/96 min

Unrated +1
Numerous Nasty Death +1

Maybe my fave of the original 3...all because of Bub.

4 pts

2013/96 min

Full frontal +1

Not as good as VHS 1.  Too apocalyptic to not spill over into the wraparound story in my opinion.

2/5 Hideous Goat Demons

3 pts

Bloody Moon
1981/90 min

Video Nasty

Pretty cool Jes Franco flick.  Coolest death is by far the giant saw.  Not the greatest flick ever made, but not unwatchable.

3/5 Deformed Brothers

6 pts

Cannibal Holocaust
1980/95 min

Video Nasty

This film is notorious.  Very cool, but truly horrifying in the same light. Not one I watch very often.

4/5 Documentarian's Intestines

6 pts

1979/91 min

Video Nasty

One of my favorite zombie flicks of all time.  Directed by the legendary Lucio Fulci as the unofficial sequel to Dawn of the Dead.

5/5 Zombie Eating Sharks

6 pts

1976/98 min

Full frontal teenage girls +1
Crucified Mother (looks exactly like the spooky crucifix) +1

Adapted from the book by Stephen King, the film follows high school outcast, Carrie, who is tormented by the popular kids and her religious zealot mother. Unbeknownst to all of them, Carrie as special powers that are put to the test when she is embarrassed at the prom.

5/5 Bloody Prom Queens

4 pts

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